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Re: [orbit-dev] Did the iplogs disappear?

For completeness, the files weren't deleted. It appears the set1 tag/branch was deleted, or merged, with head.

The gory details are in


David M Williams wrote:

This concerns me.

After seeing your note, I "sync'd up" and saw those files as "incoming deletions".

I even see the file having been deleted?!

Since I still had the files in my local workspace, I could do a "show history" and there was no indication they were deleted or even changed recently, for the Iplog files, that is) ... .which I believe means these files were deleted directly on the server!!??

And, I'm pretty sure it wasn't me!  :)

*Webmaster: *

*Has there been any other reports of files missing from CVS? *
*Is there anyway you can "track" the history of *
*to see if there is some indication of exactly when they disappeared ... and how? ... and who? * *It would have been some time after **12 21 1701 (and now, 12 22 13:04). *

*Hope someone can explain it. *


From: 	Chris Aniszczyk/Austin/IBM@IBMUS
To: 	orbit-dev@xxxxxxxxxxx
Date: 	12/22/2007 11:42 AM
Subject: 	[orbit-dev] Did the iplogs disappear?


I don't see them anymore within org.eclipse.orbit.releng (set1)?


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