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Re: [orbit-dev] Did the iplogs disappear?

This concerns me.

After seeing your note, I "sync'd up" and saw those files as "incoming deletions".

I even see the file having been deleted?!

Since I still had the files in my local workspace, I could do a "show history" and there was no indication they were deleted or even changed recently, for the Iplog files, that is) ... .which I believe means these files were deleted directly on the server!!??

And, I'm pretty sure it wasn't me!  :)


Has there been any other reports of files missing from CVS?
Is there anyway you can "track" the history of
to see if there is some indication of exactly when they disappeared ... and how? ... and who?
It would have been some time after 12 21   1701 (and now, 12 22 13:04).

Hope someone can explain it.


From: Chris Aniszczyk/Austin/IBM@IBMUS
To: orbit-dev@xxxxxxxxxxx
Date: 12/22/2007 11:42 AM
Subject: [orbit-dev] Did the iplogs disappear?

I don't see them anymore within org.eclipse.orbit.releng (set1)?


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