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RE: [orbit-dev] Fw: [orbit-I] orbit-I Build Failed

It's my fault. :(
I have released the feature with tag v200712210942. Hope it does work.
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Subject: [orbit-dev] Fw: [orbit-I] orbit-I Build Failed

The orbit builds failed because the map file was updated with a tag for the feature of


Which does not exist, in the repository.

I may have mislead in my earlier post about why the
bundle was not getting included.

The previously released feature (set1) was tagged with

and that tag does not include the
inclusion, and does not include several others.
No tagged version of the feature does ... as far as I can see.

The developers who made these additions to the feature.xml file
should "release" the feature when ready ... that is, tag it, and update the map file with
that tag ... you can use the 'releng tool' for this case (where there is just one entry in the map file).

Hope this helps ... if not, be sure to ask, so I can explain it better.

FYI ... guess I'll change the "build failed" message to go to orbit-dev? We don't have all that
many of them these days ... and no reason for them to come to only me :)


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Subject: [orbit-I] orbit-I Build Failed

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