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Re: [orbit-dev] pre-built libraries

There is an issue with project naming. Basically I can't have two versions of the same bundle in my workspace (i.e. when two other projects have dependencies on different versions of the same framework)


DJ Houghton wrote:
As outlined in and
talked about on this list before, we need to determine how pre-built
libraries live in the Orbit world.

I propose we do the following: (I will use ICU 3.4.5 as an example)
- create the project in the repository
- create a v3_4_5 branch
- put the JAR in the branch
- add a GET entry to the map file (as per
- update the features, etc.

David, does this sound ok or will this horribly break the build? (once the
Get fetch factory is released into the builder, of course)

Any other comments/objections from anyone else?

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