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Re: [orbit-dev] Bundle versions

I still don't understand this. Orbit project does not assume any development, so there is no code or API evolution and released bundles won't need to have any version changes and actually should match the version of the the bundled component/jar. So, all in all qualifiers don't really make sense.


DJ Houghton wrote:
I recall at one point we decided that we would use a qualifier as part of
our bundle version numbers in Orbit (although I can't seem to find that
information right now) so we could make changes to bundles and use Update
manager to manage the different versions.

But I was thinking about it today and I remembered that we used to have
products built on Eclipse which commonly specified an exact version match
in their requirements because it was important for them because they knew
that they were compatible with a specific version of a bundle.
(org.apache.xerces comes to mind as an example)

If people specify an exact version and we start using qualifiers as part of
our version numbers in Orbit, this could be a problem.


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