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Fw: [orbit-dev] bundle naming - ant and junit

I have made these changes and released them to the repository.

David, in an effort to not completely break everything I have updated the file in your org.eclipse.orbit.releng <set 1> project. Please
review these changes to ensure that they are what you expect.


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I'd like to get the Apache Ant and JUnit bundles from the Eclipse Platform
contributed to Orbit but there are a couple of outstanding issues. They are
outlined in the following bug reports:

JUnit :
Ant :

Tomorrow I intend to commit things to the repository to leave it in the
following state:
- there will be NO org.apache.ant project
- there will be an project which contains Ant 1.6.5
- there will be NO org.junit4 project
- there will be an org.junit project with 2 streams, one for the 3.8.1 code
and one for the code

Problems in the SDK using wrapper bundles are outlined in this bug: We will work with the
appropriate teams to get these issues resolved.

Please scream and yell if any of this offends you, otherwise I will go
ahead and commit changes.


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