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Re: [orbit-dev] N-builds and orbit bundles from branches?

David M Williams wrote:
> ... better then manually downloading and unzipping those bundles.

I, for one, don't want to give up the current plan ... yet.
I'm not sure how frequent developers will have to download and unzip bundles.
The idea, as I see it, is that if a developer needs something from Europa
(such as JDT) then they get the third party code (such as JUnit) automatically.
[from the update site where JDT is].

If you mean the use case that someone is using the third party code (such as JUnit) in some new way that is independent of the Europa component (such as they are not using JDT) then I think it might be fair to ask them to download/unzip what they need ...
unless I'm missing the point
David, even it is a one time task it is real pain to do that. Think about setting up environment for ream for 10..20 people when everyone has to do this manual task and somebody will have to walk every person trough the whole process or make them follow some document. The whole process is just error prone. While I would say that Eclipse should demonstrate and encourage developers to use the best practices...


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