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[orbit-dev] Contributed Jakarta ORO and Commons Net

Hi all,

I just contributed the following bundles to Orbit,
and updated the corresponding Wiki pages:

These are exact copies of what we've been maintaining
in the DSDP repository so far.

I'd appreciate if a bundle expert from the Orbit 
community could have a look at how we've done the
bundling and if there are perhaps bettwer ways of
doing things. I'd especially like to know

- Does it make sense to disable the JDT builder
  on the .project file since there is nothing to build?
- Does it make sense to explicitly specify the 
  project reference of into oro in the
  .project file?
- Does it make sense to link the Jakarta online Javadoc
  into the projects (may be a later version!)
- Note that our bundles currently have the branding files
  (about.ini, about.mappings,, eclipse32.png)
  in them because they serve in the corresponding features 
  in our repository for the Eclipse About Dialog -- does that
  make sense?
- Did I set contributions to binary build and source build
  correctly in the file?
- Anything else?

In order to most easily grab the right branch of our
bundles, best get the following team project set 
onto your local disk and then import it:

Martin Oberhuber
Wind River Systems, Inc.
Target Management Project Lead, DSDP PMC Member

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