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Re: [orbit-dev] Feature projects for Orbit bundles?


so I'm going to keep my existing build process and serve the features
out of my project repository but grab the bundle source from the
Orbit repository.

That makes migration really simple.


Jeff McAffer schrieb:

This was discussed at the first conf call. Search for "update" in the minutes

In particular,
Conclusion: For now we will create a download site that includes individual JARs as well as one zip of all bundles.

Some of the reasoning is captured in the minutes. Basically, Orbit is a place not a thing. Orbit itself will not "release" and as such will not technically be part of Europa. The bundles produced by Orbit will however be consumed by projects that are part of Europa and will therefore be included in their offerings (zips, update sites, ...). Basically Orbit is a place to do the bundling work you would have done anyway in your project. Everything else from the IP process to how you deliver your project remains unchanged.

This may evolve over time but for now we decided not to create features and update sites.


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	[orbit-dev] Feature projects for Orbit bundles?


Hi all,

I'm sorry if this was discussed previously, but I looked
throught the Wiki and mailing list and didn't find an

I was about to start populating the Europa site with the
Target Management bits, and I intended to move the
org.apache stuff we have into Orbit before doing so.

But when browsing the Orbit repository, I noticed that
there are not feature projects whatsoever. Which would
mean that on an Update Site it is unclear how the bundles
are presented, licensing info is missing, and the Apache
License is broken (which requireds the string "This
product includes software developed by the Apache
Software Foundation" in a prominent place like the About
Dialog or the Docs, which I'm doing by means of a
feature right now.

So -- what is the plan?
* I currently have 2 feature projects.
 - Should I move them into Orbit along with the bundles?
 - Or will the Orbit Build generate features autmomatically
   at some time?

* For now, should I populate Europa with bundles from Orbit
 but Features from my Repository? That seems awkward.

* What are others doing wrt Europa? Is the Orbit Repository
 just a copy of the bundles for now, while the real stuff
 for Europa still comes from the Project's own repositories?

Thanks for any hints,
Martin Oberhuber
Wind River Systems, Inc.
Target Management Project Lead, DSDP PMC Member
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Martin Oberhuber
Wind River Systems, Inc.
Target Management Project Lead, DSDP PMC Member

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