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[orbit-dev] Packaging 3rd party libs as single-jar-bundle?

Hi Orbit,

I have Jakarta ORO 2.0.8 and Commons Net 1.4.1 that I'm
going to contribute to Orbit.

Currently, these are bundled very similar to the Platform's
ANT bundle, i.e. the original, verbatim JAR file from 
Apache is in a subdirectory plus some additional files
around it (about.html, etc).

The advantage of this setup is that the original JAR is 
binary unmodified, but there are some disadvantages:

* The bundle must be expanded at the client - but
  it's good Eclipse Citizenship to have single-jar bundles

* The bundle cannot be both pack200'ed and signed at the 
  same time, but this would be recommended for Europa

Because of that, I'm considering changing the build process
in order to produce single-file JARs. Does anyone here have
any experience with this?
- Any potential legal issues with extracting the original
  vendor's binary jar and repacking it into the new jar?
- Any existing ANT scripts to do the extract - repack step?
- Anyone else interested in getting this done?

Martin Oberhuber
Wind River Systems, Inc.
Target Management Project Lead, DSDP PMC Member

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