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Re: [orbit-dev] Ready to Contribute LPG 1.0

Hi, Jeff,

Thanks for your reply; it makes perfect sense to me.  It'll nice to be an expert in something.  ;-)

I'll make sure that my friends in the Modeling project know about this new service that I can render to them.



Jeff McAffer/Ottawa/IBM@IBMCA
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11/22/06 04:46 PM

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Orbit Developer discussion <orbit-dev@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Re: [orbit-dev] Ready to Contribute LPG 1.0


This is not a hard and fast thing by any means.  Basically as a point of manageability, it would be better to not have a committer per library :-)  Some projects, especially ones that have a large number of bundles, will have more committers, some will have a small number (perhaps even none if they can convince someone else to do the work).   The observation is that by calling out who from a given area (project, subproject) has the skills, knowledge and commit rights to work in Orbit, we increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the shared approach.  So to that extent, the PMC that needs to approve third party code use in your part of the world should know about you and your involvement with Orbit so that that involvement can be used to its full extent.

Make sense?



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