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Re: [orbit-dev] Source Bundles

I added it to the agenda for tomorrow's call.

Some thoughts below...

- Ultimately I think we want to deliver the source as bundles that just happen to contain source  That way we can use standard provisioning techniques etc
- Right now PDE build has deep knowledge of how to treat source.  This is ok but ultimately is "a bad thing" IMHO.
- Having the source the same project is convenient but perpetuates the special knowledge embedded in PDE
- We may not be at a point where we can reasonably break out of that mould.

Conclusion:  we should look to have the source in the same project (in some form) and have PDE build generate individual source bundles as appropriate.

Just my 2c.  We can dig deeper on the phone...


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[orbit-dev] Source Bundles

In reading I have a few questions in terms of current best practices and what's to come.
Are we still generating the source and binary bundle from the same project (or are we going to handle the source in a separate project?)
I'd like to propose that we should:
1) Add a note about the source in the about.html (either stating its presence or at least some suggestion of where the source can be found)
2) If possible package source in at the root of the project
3) Adjust .classpath and to reflect the addition of
Is that still going to work?
I have a number of the orbit projects set up in this way and have found it very convenient. Is it worthwhile checking this in or should I wait?
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