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Re: [orbit-dev] Interested in Contributing LPG v1.1

Hi, Jeff,

> Hey Christian,
> You do NOT have to run this through the IP process again to
> contribute it to Orbit.  We will likely have to do the standard
> "manual" tracing for some time.

Thanks for the assurance.  I saw my answer on orbit-dev not long after
I asked! (on a different thread)

> As for naming, I agree that the simple package name they have used
> does not seem like a good bundle name.  In similar cases with which
> I am familiar people have gone with the project name (e.g., net.
> sourceforge...).  As for using "orbit" names, to date that has not
> been our approach.  In a sense we are encroaching on people's
> namespace but only to the degree that they are not occupying it.  If
> they were to start shipping this lib as a bundle and wanting to call
> it net.sourceforge.lpg, we would happily adopt their bundling of the
> lib.  An alternate viewpoint on using eclipse names is that we would
> be taking credit for the work as ours and introducing ambiguity
> around the content (e.g., did Eclipse change it somehow or is it the
> real thing from the originator?).

Yes, that's a very good point.  I'm convinced!

> So if I am understanding your message correctly, you are offering to
> contribute the bundling of lpg and to continuing maintenance and
> updating of that library right?

Yes, I am offering to contribute version 1.1 of LPG and any other
versions that some Eclipse project may need, when that need should

How do we review the structure of contributions with the other
committers?  I am assuming that I would submit a bug on Orbit, accept
it, and attach some kind of patch for y'all to review before I commit

Also, is there an Orbit in-box ID in bugzilla that I should listen to?




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