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[openj9-dev] Proposal for changes to the existing pull request triggers

Please note that triggers for pull request compilation and test are changing, or at least this is the proposal for change.
The primary reason driving this proposal is for more targeted compilation/testing in pull requests which in turn will free more machine resources for other pull request testing and/or daily builds.  As new releases and platforms are added, the existing machine resources are often laboring to keep up to the workload.
The current permitted use, is that `all` is accepted for platforms, test levels and release arguments.  The proposal is that `all` will only be valid for platforms.  Only a specific release, e.g. one of JDK8,JDK10,JDK11,JDKN; or one or more comma separated releases, e.g. JDK8,JDK11; would be accepted.  Only specific test levels would be valid, e.g. sanity or extended.
A commonly used example, `jenkins compile all all` for example will need to be entered as `jenkins compile all jdk8,jdk10,jdk11`.  Another commonly used example, `jenkins test all all all` would become `jenkins test sanity,extended all jdk8,jdk10,jdk11`
Documentation will be updated via, comment/concerns can be posted to this issue or reply to the email thread.

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