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Re: [openj9-dev] j9 tooling readiness.

Hi Jeremy, 
Thanks for reporting this. These tools are not supported by OpenJ9 at this time. In order to work they require undocumented extensions which OpenJ9 does not implement at this time. There isn't any ongoing effort or plan to support them right now. Please do open an Issue at to request support, so others can also record their interest. We did recently make an update to remove these executables from OpenJ9 to avoid confusion, You must be using a build which predates this change.
Health Center is a free alternative you can use with OpenJ9,
OpenJ9 also supports the -Xdump and -Xtrace options which allow for some sophisticated debug options
One example, by default you can signal a running OpenJ9 JVM to generate a javacore file, which contains stack traces and other information, "kill -QUIT <pid>". You can reconfigure -Xdump to take other actions on the signal as well.
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 I am trying to use some of the tools available in the download bundle.
Named OpenJDK9-OPENJ9_x64_Linux_jdk-9.181.tar.gz.

 I find tools like jps and jmap -heap are not working as expected.

ps does not list any running j9 vm processes

jmap -heap returns a message to use jhsdb instead. Which I cannot find
in the download.

Error: -heap option used
Cannot connect to core dump or remote debug server. Use jhsdb jmap

 Are these tools still "Work in Progress" ?


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