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[openadx] Specification


Dear everyone,


I originally joined this mailing list to gain more knowledge on Eclipse and possibly Capella.


I am currently writing a conference paper based on reviewing system engineering benefits of modelling & simulation that present a clear, coherent design vision and confirm the need for a system before investing in a development. I am focusing on using the principles of existing use cases involving energy to be applied to the construction industry.


I am aware that OMG SysML specification has sections relating to SysML extending blocks to support flow properties and provide the required features. These Blocks with ports can type other ports (nested ports). Flow properties specify the kinds of items that might flow between a block and its environment, whether it is data, material, or energy. The kind of items that flow is specified by typing flow properties. 


Is there a specification for Eclipse graphic modelling showing user cases involving energy modelling and simulation?



Dr Alan Martin Redmond PhD, MRICS, MCSCE, PGCE
membre actif AFIS / INCOSE
proprietor of Numérique Consulting
Ph +353 894585952  

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