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Re: [open-measured-data-wg] visualization and analysis with openMdm

Hello Thomas,

thanks for your interest in the openMDM Application.

Maybe you have already seen the openMDM Demo:
All functionality can be reached via RESTful services, please see the documentation online:
The documentation is not complete yet, we are working continuously on it.

For further  technical questions please use the openMDM development mailing list [1]. I already put that list on CC.
Due to holidays, we - the dev team - will answer your questions beginning next week.



openMDM(R) EWG product manager

mail: awittek.openMDM@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
phone: +49 1577 1900802 
Am 10.06.20 um 09:02 schrieb Thomas Haber:

Dear members,

thanks for the answers so far !

Regarding the APIs, we current try to find demo snippets to develop a simple java console application:

  • Connect to server
  • Read all test and signal nodes
  • Read the samples of one signal
  • Disconnect
Is something like this existing ?



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