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Re: [open-measured-data-wg] open-measured-data-wg Digest, Vol 68, Issue 2

Dear Thomas,

Thank you for your interest in openMDM. My name is Hans-Jörg from Peak

Here the answers to your questions:

- Yes, the idea of openMDM is to provide a vendor-neutral open source
platform which allows - among other things - to browse and explore available
measurement data on a server. The data is stored on the basis of the ASAM
ODS standard.
- Yes, the user can select data and forward it to „postprocessing systems“
like analysis, reporting or simulation applications or exchange the data
with other platforms. This is done by means of tool-specific
„Export-Mechanisms and Launcher“
- Yes, the user can upload measured or simulated data from other
applications onto the server. The data is imported via format-specific "data
transfer tools" (importer)  into the data storage of openMDM.

We can show you a variety of examples for such applications. Users all over
the world, like Audi, BMW, Daimler, Peugeot Citroen, Honda, etc. use openMDM
components as a basis for their data management solutions. 

Don´t hesitate to contact me in order to coordinate a presentation.

Best regards,

Dr. Hans-Jörg Kremer
Managing Director

Peak Solution GmbH
Lina-Ammon-Str. 22
90471 Nuremberg
Phone: +49 911 800 927 0
Mobile: +49 151 14 65 77 51
Mail: hj.kremer@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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Today's Topics:

   1. visualization and analysis with openMdm (Thomas Haber)
   2. Reminder: openMDM meets OpenADx - online	workshop
      (Hans-Dirk Walter)


Message: 1
Date: Thu, 4 Jun 2020 19:19:54 +0200
From: Thomas Haber <thomas@xxxxxxx>
To: open-measured-data-wg@xxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: [open-measured-data-wg] visualization and analysis with
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Dear members,

I stumbled over this working group some time ago - when thinking about
mdf4 support in our software.

I had a look at the openMDM functionality, but it is still not clear to me,

so please let me ask some probably stupid, at least very basic questions :-)

Our software impulse ( is a visualization and analysis
workbench for all kind of data (over a domain) like logs , traces, analog
and digital simulation output, process and measurement data.

The software is available as an eclipse plug-in , very soon as stand-alone
application, and in mid terms as web application.

Would it be possible, by using openMdm, to

  * Explore and browse available measurement data on a server or other
    source ?
  * Select and fetch the data? to display in our application ?
  * Upload measured or simulated data from our application onto the server ?

If yes, are the any examples for such an application ?

If not, what else is required ?




L?tzowstrasse 166 D-42653 Solingen Fon: +49 (0) 212 64297 25 Fax: +49
(0) 212 64297 13
Managing Director: Alexandra Haber-Pieper eMail: info@toem.deweb:
Registergericht: Amtsgericht WuppertalRegisternummer: HRB 27587VAT No: 
DE 30 84 29 796

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Message: 2
Date: Fri, 5 Jun 2020 09:13:14 +0000
From: Hans-Dirk Walter <>
To: "open-measured-data-wg@xxxxxxxxxxx"
Subject: [open-measured-data-wg] Reminder: openMDM meets OpenADx -
	online	workshop
Message-ID: <530946C2-D4D4-4A72-9384-32F6E322318B@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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Dear colleagues,

countdown is running, only 2 weeks to go till our workshop starts!

If you want to participate, please register to the event (for both days, 2pm
? 5pm) here:

Best regards,
Hans-Dirk Walter (openMDM), Andreas Riexinger (OpenADx)

P.S. we did some small changes in the agenda

Dear colleagues,

we hope that this email finds you all well and healthy. As you might
remember we had to cancel the OpenADx / openMDM workshop originally planned
for March, 9th due to the Corona-Pandemic.

Since it currently looks like that we will have to live with a lot of
restrictions for a longer period of time we propose to organize a substitute
event as online conference. This is not what we originally had in mind but
in the current situation it might be the best option we have.

As new date we plan for June 17th and 18th from 14:00h to 17:00h. Two
afternoons because we think that two shorter online sessions are better than
one that lasts the whole day.

We have not yet decided about the conference system we are going to use.
Therefore, we will send you details about how to join the workshop at a
later point in time.

The agenda of the two workshops will be roughly the same than for the
original event:

Day 1
Introduction of participants
Workshop expectations
Why I am interested in these topics
Introduction to openMDM
Fundamentals of ODS and ODS based openMDM application model
openMDM Web Client
Applications of openMDM especially in the area of ADAS
Introduction to OpenADx
Project iceoryx (very briefly)
Project Cloe
special emphasis on data management topics distinguishing between modelling
data and simulation result data
Data Labeling ? current and future activities
Wrap-up Day 1 and decide on working mode on Day 2
Day 2
In working groups: Identification of OpenADx use-cases in which openMDM
might be useful as data management solution and first ideas for potential
mappings of data models.

Some modifications to adapt to the online format and split-up in two events
might be necessary - but the overall goals and contents will be unchanged.
If required we will send an update to the agenda at a later time.

If you interested in joining the event please register at
for both days.

Best regards,
Hans-Dirk Walter (openMDM), Andreas Riexinger (OpenADx)

Mit freundlichen Gr??en / Best regards

Andreas Riexinger

Chassis Systems Control, Product Management Automated Driving (CC-AD/PRM-P)
Robert Bosch GmbH | Postfach 13 55 | 74003 Heilbronn | GERMANY |
Tel. +49 7062 911-8264 | Mobil +49 172 7258214 | Telefax +49 711 811-5111226
| Threema <threema://add/?id=2U9UM5XS> / Threema Work
<threemawork://add/?id=2U9UM5XS>: 2U9UM5XS | Andreas.Riexinger@xxxxxxxxxxxx

Sitz: Stuttgart, Registergericht: Amtsgericht Stuttgart, HRB 14000;
Aufsichtsratsvorsitzender: Franz Fehrenbach; Gesch?ftsf?hrung: Dr. Volkmar
Prof. Dr. Stefan Asenkerschbaumer, Dr. Michael Bolle, Dr. Christian Fischer,
Dr. Stefan Hartung,
Dr. Markus Heyn, Harald Kr?ger, Christoph K?bel, Rolf Najork, Uwe Raschke,
Peter Tyroller
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