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[open-measured-data-wg] visualization and analysis with openMdm

Dear members,

I stumbled over this working group some time ago - when thinking about mdf4 support in our software.

I had a look at the openMDM functionality, but it is still not clear to me,

so please let me ask some probably stupid, at least very basic questions :-)

Our software impulse ( is a visualization and analysis workbench for all kind of data (over a domain) like logs , traces, analog and digital simulation output, process and measurement data.

The software is available as an eclipse plug-in , very soon as stand-alone application, and in mid terms as web application.

Would it be possible, by using openMdm, to

  • Explore and browse available measurement data on a server or other source ?
  • Select and fetch the data┬á to display in our application ?
  • Upload measured or simulated data from our application onto the server ?

If yes, are the any examples for such an application ?

If not, what else is required ?



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