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[open-measured-data-wg] openMDM 5 Demo Application

Hello together!


Referring to the last General Meeting on July 3, 2019, Peak Solution suggests the following approach regarding an openMDM 5 demo application:


·       Online Demo Application:

Peak Solution will put together an MDM 5 demo application that can be accessed by interested persons online via browser. The demo application will be hosted on the Eclipse infrastructure. If this is not possible, it can alternatively be hosted on Peak Solution's infrastructure. The demo application includes:

o   Apache Derby Database (= open source, for more information see here: https://db.apache.org/derby/index.html)

o   2 Peak ODS Servers for accessing two different data sources

o   Sample data from the field of NVH (data source 1) and Crash (data source 2)

o   openMDM 5 Backend and WebClient

o   GlassFish Application Server

o   Elastic Search

The online demo system is reset automatically on a regular basis.

It is not meant for download!


·       Demo Application for Download

People, interested in downloading the MDM 5 Demo Application can request it, e.g. via the openMDM 5 EWG homepage. The requestor then receives a Docker-Image from Peak Solution, which he can run on his infrastructure. The Docker-Image contains the same components as the Online Demo Application, in particular the two Peak ODS Servers and the sample data. The license for using the Peak ODS Server is limited in time (for example 4 weeks). An “uncontrolled” download of the demo application is not favored and supported by Peak Solution, due to security and licensing concerns regarding Peak ODS Server. If necessary, the user receives (limited) support from the Peak Solution (e.g. via E-Mail).


In addition to the demo application, we have to provide a user manual (and possibly further documentation).


We will bill the effort for preparation, implementation and support of the demo application(s) via the budget commissioned to Peak Solution by Eclipse.


Peak Solution would appreciate if this suggestion would be discussed and decided in the next Steering Committee meeting.






Dr. Hans-Joerg Kremer

Managing Director


Peak Solution GmbH

Lina-Ammon-Str. 22

90471 Nuremberg


Tel.: 0049 911 800 927 0



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