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[open-measured-data-wg] openMDM(R) application version 5.0.0M4 available


the openMDM(R) application Version 5.0.0M4 is available now.
This is the next milestone (M4) on the way to the release 5.0.0.

This code brings along a change with the realm configuration. The component "org.eclipse.mdm.realms" is not used any longer. You can configure your realm now in a standardized way. In the documentation we describe how to setup and configure a file realm for local installations. You can also configure your LDAP, AD or others.

Downloads and documentation can be found here:

The code is on the git master branches, tagged with "5.0.0M4":

Previous versions are still available:

Best regards

Angelika Wittek

openMDM(R) EWG toolkit manager

mail: awittek.openMDM@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx