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[open-measured-data-wg] AC conference call meeting minutes

Hi *,

please find attached the minutes of the AC conference call last friday.

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Canoo Engineering AG            T: +41  61 228 94 44
Dr. rer. nat. Andreas Benzing   M: +49 177 501 49 68
Kirschgartenstrasse 5
CH-4051 Basel       andreas.benzing@xxxxxxxxx
Title: OpenMDM Architecture Committee Meeting Notes: 2016-10-21

1. Attendees

The following members were present

  • Andreas Benzing (Canoo Engineering AG)

  • Jan Blockx (Siemens AG)

  • Stefan Wartini (Müller-BBM VibroAkustik Systeme GmbH)

  • Stefan Beese (Bertrandt Services GmbH)

  • Stefan Ebeling (BMW AG)

The following members were absent

  • Sibylle Peter (Canoo Engineering AG)

  • Gerd Weckenmann (AUDI AG)

2. Topics

2.1. Change of ID Data Type

Stefan Wartini (Müller-BBM VibroAkustik Systeme GmbH) describes the request for changing the IDs from numerical to string stype. The goal of this change is to be able to uniqueliy identify entities across multiple, potentially heterogeneous, data sources.

2.1.1. The underlying requirements and resulting changes are identified:

Entities must be uniquely identified, even if source does not provide numerical IDs
→ Change data type to string

Entities must be uniquely identified across multiple data sources
→ Extend addressing to include data source

2.1.2. The changes are discussed:

Change of data type to string:
  • perfomance concerns → negligible, if modules refrain from additional parsing

  • Content of string can be arbitrarily long
    → Misuse of content must be avoided, meaning is clear from the name ID

  • Allows use of UUIDs or other solutions in the future

The change of the ID data type is approved.

Extend addressing to data source
  • ASAM path not unique as well due to certain names not being unique
    → ID and location information are required

  • Second parameter preferred to separate concerns

ConnectorService already manages the location information to handle multiple sources. For now, no change in the API is required.

2.1.3. Next steps

  • Stefan Wartini (Müller-BBM VibroAkustik Systeme GmbH) will raise an issue to document the change along with a deadline for an expected implementation

  • The issue will be handed to the SC with the request to implement the change in the form of a service package

  • Stefan Beese (Bertrandt Services GmbH) will supervise the implementation as PL of MDM|BL

2.2. ORGA-145

While the AC will approve modules resulting from a migration concept, the details on how to migrate from MDM4 to MDM5 are subject to business decisions which must be taken by the Steering Committee.

2.3. ORGA-36

In order to clarify the responsibilities of the Quality Committee and Architecture Committee related to this topic, Andreas Benzing (Canoo Engineering AG) will contact the chair of the Quality Committee.

The agreement in the Architecture Committee is as follows:

  • General feasibility of concepts is checked by the Quality Committee

  • Concepts will be checked agains architecture by the Architecture Committee

  • Actual implementation will be checked again by the Quality Committee, the Architecture Committee will be available for questions

3. Next Meeting

The next meeting is scheduled for November 18, 2016, 10:00 CET.

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