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[om2m-dev] Unification Clarification

I am just a novice trying to get into oneM2M. I am not fully able to understand what oneM2M does exactly. I have gone through the website and just have a vague idea about the same.


Could you please help me clear some doubts regarding the same?


Suppose I have a device, of say brand A, which communicates with a software, of same brand A, installed on a PC via UDP through 10 bytes (say X set of params) . There is another device, say brand B which does more or less the same functions but communicates with another software of brand B via 16 bytes (say Y set of params) of UDP packet. There is another one set of brand C which uses SNMP and a standard MIB (with Z set of params) for communication.


Now where does oneM2M come in unifying these? How does it work? Could you in anyway help me with this? Thanks in advance!




Thanks & Regards,

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