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Re: [oaw-wg] Generic Editor

Thanks for fast reply, nice to know.

There is other interesting work being done there :)

I don't know details about EMF Index nor Epsilon Concordance, but it
sounds possible that one can be interested in another:

I also like how they solved "quick fix" and refactoring. AFAIK you
plan to do it in future Xtext. Epsilon Validation Language (that is
similar to Check) has already a "fix" statement and integration with
I like the Wizard Language even more, as it integrates with EMF/GMF
editors easily. I don't know any faster way to plug-in a refactoring
for EMF model.

I wish I had some time to play with all those tools, I wonder how
useful it would be if  Xtext would have EuGENia-like annotations.

Fortunately I will have free time again from October :)

Krzysztof Kowalczyk

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