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Re: [mpc-dev] Critical Bug in MPC



Thank you for this list. It is great that all these plugins install correctly but it seems we need more test cases that actually test the remediation code. Besides JBoss Tools what else can be installed that will test remediation?


Here is a list of solutions that have the highest numbers of unsuccessful installs.


1             Maven Integration for Eclipse WTP (Incubation)   

2             EGit - Git Team Provider

3             JBoss Tools (Juno)           

4             Maven Integration for Eclipse     

5             Spring Tool Suite (STS) for Eclipse Juno (3.8 + 4.2)

6             Eclipse Visual Editor        

7             Sonar    

8             Android Development Tools for Eclipse   

9             Subversive - SVN Team Provider 

10           JBoss Tools (Indigo)        

11           GitHub Mylyn Connector

12           P4Eclipse            

13           JBoss Developer Studio (Juno)     

14           Spring IDE           

15           eUML2 Studio edition     

16           Spring Tool Suite (STS) for Eclipse Kepler (4.3)       

17           Subclipse            

18           Google Plugin for Eclipse 3.8/4.2

19           Google Plugin for Eclipse 3.7       

20           Spring Tool Suite (STS) for Eclipse Indigo (3.7)       





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Subject: RE: [mpc-dev] Critical Bug in MPC


The last time I had tested it was with Eclipse SDK RC1 + a locally built MPC. At that point I had tested the top 5 most used items, and also JRebel and JBoss. For JBoss, I always tried to force the remediation to come up so I started by installing m2e 1.1 from the eclipse Juno repo.


Today, I just retested with + MPC from May 21st and I tried to install the following items from MPC:

- Secure Marketplace Discovery

- Mobile Tools for Java

- Spring Tool Suite for Kepler

- JLoop

- Mylyn

- Windows Azure Tools

- JBoss for Kepler

- DBeaver

- Sapphire

- MintJams


- m2e


- Eclipse color thene

- Egit

- FindBugs

- Maven for WTP

- PyDev

- JRebel


And the only time I saw the remediation was for JBoss since I had forced it to be in this setup by installing an incompatible version of m2e 1.1 before hand.


The absence of remediation in these tests reminds me to clarify a few things that I may have not mentioned before:

- the remediation code is *only* used if the installation can not complete as requested.

- the percentage of installation that can not complete as requested (and thus would cause remediation code to be executed) is low in comparison to the total number of successful installs. A couple weeks ago I had counted that this was around ~1% for the top 5 market place entries.








On Mon, May 27, 2013 14:55, Ian Skerrett wrote:

> Pascal,


> Can you elaborate on the testing you have done. I am specifically

> interested in what third party plugins you have tested. If we get this

> working with the packages it is still not clear to me how this impacts

> other product builders.


> Ian



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> Subject: Re: [mpc-dev] Critical Bug in MPC


> All,


> I would like to add a little bit of nuance to that.


> The bug itself is not in the MPC code but is a caused by a missing

> flag in all EPP packages. This problem has been known since May 1st

> but nobody had the chance to address this yet

> (


> Now if instead of an EPP package you try MPC on top of Eclipse

> Platform

> SR1 then MPC works just fine. I understand that this is not the setup

> in which most ppl are running MPC but from a code pov the same code is

> running so this is enough to do plenty of testing.


> I understand that this brings some concern about the remediation

> support in

> p2 but the code has been stable and tested by many ppl (including

> JBoss

> itself) and through automated tests. For complete disclosure, I admit

> that there is an RC3 improvement that is suggested here

> ( but this is

> done to help mitigate a setup that none of the p2 committers thought

> about, and this issue could be completely addressed by the producer of

> a product.


> So now the question you are all asking is can we do something for RC2?

> The answer is yes. Basically we can tweak the p2 metadata generated

> for the EPP package to include the necessary flag. This is the

> technique that has been done by the platform team to deal with the

> same issue and is therefore known to work.


> Hope this help clarify the situation,


> Pascal


> On Mon, May 27, 2013 11:46, Ian Skerrett wrote:

>> All,




>> I'd like everyone interested in MPC, including other marketplace

>> providers, to be aware of a critical bug in MPC. The new p2

>> remediation feature can creating situations where the Eclipse

>> installation is not usable. A fix will be provided for RC3 but that

>> gives very little time for testing.




>> Please take a look at bug 409019

>> <>  and raise any

>> issues on this bug. It would also be useful to have the other

>> Marketplace providers to do some testing and comment on the bug or

>> this mailing list.




>> Thanks


>> Ian




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