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Re: [mpc-dev] Critical Bug in MPC

The last time I had tested it was with Eclipse SDK RC1 + a locally built
MPC. At that point I had tested the top 5 most used items, and also JRebel
and JBoss. For JBoss, I always tried to force the remediation to come up
so I started by installing m2e 1.1 from the eclipse Juno repo.

Today, I just retested with + MPC
from May 21st and I tried to install the following items from MPC:
- Secure Marketplace Discovery
- Mobile Tools for Java
- Spring Tool Suite for Kepler
- JLoop
- Mylyn
- Windows Azure Tools
- JBoss for Kepler
- DBeaver
- Sapphire
- MintJams
- m2e
- Eclipse color thene
- Egit
- FindBugs
- Maven for WTP
- PyDev
- JRebel

And the only time I saw the remediation was for JBoss since I had forced
it to be in this setup by installing an incompatible version of m2e 1.1
before hand.

The absence of remediation in these tests reminds me to clarify a few
things that I may have not mentioned before:
- the remediation code is *only* used if the installation can not complete
as requested.
- the percentage of installation that can not complete as requested (and
thus would cause remediation code to be executed) is low in comparison to
the total number of successful installs. A couple weeks ago I had counted
that this was around ~1% for the top 5 market place entries.



On Mon, May 27, 2013 14:55, Ian Skerrett wrote:
> Pascal,
> Can you elaborate on the testing you have done. I am specifically
> interested
> in what third party plugins you have tested. If we get this working with
> the
> packages it is still not clear to me how this impacts other product
> builders.
> Ian
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> All,
> I would like to add a little bit of nuance to that.
> The bug itself is not in the MPC code but is a caused by a missing flag in
> all EPP packages. This problem has been known since May 1st but nobody had
> the chance to address this yet
> (
> Now if instead of an EPP package you try MPC on top of Eclipse Platform
> SR1 then MPC works just fine. I understand that this is not the setup in
> which most ppl are running MPC but from a code pov the same code is
> running
> so this is enough to do plenty of testing.
> I understand that this brings some concern about the remediation support
> in
> p2 but the code has been stable and tested by many ppl (including JBoss
> itself) and through automated tests. For complete disclosure, I admit that
> there is an RC3 improvement that is suggested here
> ( but this is done to
> help mitigate a setup that none of the p2 committers thought about, and
> this
> issue could be completely addressed by the producer of a product.
> So now the question you are all asking is can we do something for RC2? The
> answer is yes. Basically we can tweak the p2 metadata generated for the
> package to include the necessary flag. This is the technique that has been
> done by the platform team to deal with the same issue and is therefore
> known
> to work.
> Hope this help clarify the situation,
> Pascal
> On Mon, May 27, 2013 11:46, Ian Skerrett wrote:
>> All,
>> I'd like everyone interested in MPC, including other marketplace
>> providers, to be aware of a critical bug in MPC. The new p2
>> remediation feature can creating situations where the Eclipse
>> installation is not usable. A fix will be provided for RC3 but that
>> gives very little time for testing.
>> Please take a look at bug 409019
>> <>  and raise any
>> issues on this bug. It would also be useful to have the other
>> Marketplace providers to do some testing and comment on the bug or
>> this mailing list.
>> Thanks
>> Ian
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