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[mpc-dev] Favorites and install counts

Hi all,

Since M6, the Marketplace Client shows install numbers and a star rating
button with the favorited count for each item [1].

Starting with M7, these items will only be visible if the marketplace server
includes values for these optional elements in its reply [2].

Current Marketplace support:

- Eclipse and Obeo marketplaces support both install numbers and favorite

- Yoxos and Bredex don't send install numbers, so those won't show up in MPC
anymore. However, both send a favorite count (Bredex using '0', Yoxos '9'),
so the star rating button is visible in both cases.

If you wish to suppress the star ratings, please don't include the optional
<favorited> element in your reply (in case this is easier, you can
alternatively send a negative value).

Best regards,

Carsten Reckord
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  e  reckord@xxxxxxxx

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  Amtsgericht Kassel, HRB 14720
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  Dr. Christian Schneider

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