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Re: [mpc-dev] Feedback on MPC 1.2 version for Kepler

Hi Christopher,

Thank you for the feedback! Comments below...

> General Issues:
> -Listings logo are a bit stretch and they don’t look sharp.

Regarding looking stretched: Do you mean they are not scaled proportionally?
That should not be the case. Could you point me to a concrete example?

Regarding sharpness: The logos are larger in 1.2 so this is more noticable
on some logos. But the problem actually existed to a varying degree prior to
1.2. Some logos actually look a bit better in the new size, some a bit worse.

I was meaning to open a bug for that after EclipseCon but hadn't gotten
around to it yet. Here it is now:

I already toyed with replacing the low-quality SWT image scaling with a much
smoother one using AWT/Java2D, which gives very nice results. However, maybe
we should also discuss asking the server for a correctly scaled image and
only using client-side scaling as a fallback?

>  > - 398200: MPC Popular tab is fetching the wrong feed
>  >
> This is working!
> We need to re-instate the most favorite call to actually return the most 
> favorites :
> I think we should fix this after Kepler is released. If we do this now, 
> MPC 1.1 will show the most favorites under the popular tab.

Sounds good to me. MPC 1.2 should be fetching the right feed already
( So the server-side
transition should work smoothly once the new version has been sufficiently

>  > - 323259: Show "Star Rating" in MPC wizard when searching
>  >
> Clicking on the favorite button always redirect to "Eclipse site login".
> I was thinking that we could redirect the user to the actual listing and 
> let the website redirect the user to the site login. 

I did it that way to have a solution for EclipseCon, because the conditional
login scheme (see below) wasn't working and the solution pages don't prompt
you to login when you try to vote - clicking the star just does nothing...

> Maybe we could add 
> an argument/flag to the url so that I can verify if the user has a valid 
> session. If he doesn't I can redirect him to the Eclipse site login. I 
> was thinking we could do something like 

That would be great.

It looks like this should do just that, but it seems to be broken (e.g. at
the bottom of a solution's page, click on "Login to flag this resource as
out of date."):

If you're not logged in, it currently redirects to

which in turn always redirects to the marketplace frontpage after login.

I've filed and, to
track the MPC side,

>  > - 337774: No multiselect plugin install
>  >
> +1 I was able to install 2 plugins. Very cool feature.
>  >
>  > - 374105: Improve error message when there is no connectivity with the
>  > marketplace server
> If you lose your connection while browsing MPC:
> MarketplaceDiscoveryStrategy failed with an error
> Unable to read repository at 
> Connection reset

I'll look into that. I take it from the error that you opened MPC,
disconnected and switched to the popular tab?

>  > - 401721: Add a News tab to the MPC wizard
>  >
> After clicking on the newsletter tab, I had to re-size MPC because the 
> newsletter is larger than my MPC window.
> The MPC window width seems to be relative to your screen size, a larger 
> screen might not have this problem.

The window width is determined by the preferred size of the initial page.

For the MPC, this comes from the search tab, more specifically the
marketplace switcher, which is currently hardwired to a preferred width of

To accomodate the news page's width, the wizard would have to grow
horizontally by about 25%. I experimented with changing the width in a
number of ways, but in the end I decided to leave it as-is for now for a
couple of reasons:

For one, the news page is currently loaded lazily when first switched to, so
its preferred size isn't known initially.

I experimented with making the MPC window wider by default to match the
Eclipse newsletter's width. While the solution entries do relayout
gracefully, they look a lot better at the current width.

I also experimented with changing the dialog width when switching to the
news tab, but didn't like how that made the dialog "bounce around". But I
think that's the best solution if we want to accomodate the news page
without horizontal scrolling. I can activate that in a nightly to see how it

I've added this as a comment on the bug, too. Maybe we can discuss the
details there?

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