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Re: [mpc-dev] Marketplace questions

On 07.03.2013 11:39, Oberhuber, Martin wrote:
> Is that project up-to-date with respect to the recent REST API additions for Kepler ?

Not yet I assume. I'll see if I can contribute a patch once everything else
is done for Kepler M6.

However, all API changes for Kepler are optional. So it should work fine
without them.

> Regarding the p2 "discovery" sites added on feature level, I had always thought that these become relevant / added into User's "enabled repositories" settings once that feature gets installed; so it wouldn't solve my problem on initial install. But the aggregate repo approach should work, I was not aware that the child repos can actually be remote (I've been using aggregates with local children only so far).

Thinking about it, I guess I always listed the additional repositories on
both feature and site level (plus I haven't needed them for a while now). So
I'm not 100% certain which of the two did the trick on install.

> One thing I've never understood is, what's the effect of the "timestamp" attribute on a composite repo.
> But that's another question for another day.

Good question. I always leave it out, which seems to work just fine ;)

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