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Re: [mpc-dev] Marketplace questions

Hi Carsten,

Thanks for your info - that's exactly the bits of information that I needed .

I had actually come across the sourceforge "marketplace-cat" project already,
Is that project up-to-date with respect to the recent REST API additions for Kepler ?

Regarding the p2 "discovery" sites added on feature level, I had always thought that these become relevant / added into User's "enabled repositories" settings once that feature gets installed; so it wouldn't solve my problem on initial install. But the aggregate repo approach should work, I was not aware that the child repos can actually be remote (I've been using aggregates with local children only so far).

One thing I've never understood is, what's the effect of the "timestamp" attribute on a composite repo.
But that's another question for another day.

Martin Oberhuber, SMTS / Product Architect - Development Tools, Wind River
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There's an open-source implementation of the marketplace server API on SourceForge called Marketplace catalog for Eclipse:

In case you want to look into implementing your own marketplace server, the REST API is documented here:

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