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Re: [mpc-dev] MPC plans for 2012 / 2013 ?



I really appreciate the feedback.  See my comments below about each comment. 


MPC was a project that was initially funded by the Foundation. As you know we don’t typically do this type of funding but we felt the MPC functionality was a critical important to the community so we want ahead to fund the initial development. By all metrics it has been a big success and we are very happy with the results.


However, unfortunately at this point in time we have not invested into MPC in the last two years. The functionality is providing the service to the community so we have been prioritizing our resource other places.  We do fund a person to do critical bug fixes and ensure MPC is tested and functional for the future releases.


I would love to see the community pick up and take MPC forward. As you have pointed out there are some minor (and large) features that would be really nice to have added to the MPC. If there are 2-3 people that would like to take on a committer role for MPC, I would be happy to re-boot the project to add new committers. If anyone is interested, feel free to speak up on the list or send me an e-mail.


For the specific feedback to you questions, please see below.,




  • Why don't I have access to "star ratings", download statistics or comments inside MPC ? This gives me a really hard time choosing between 3 different "hex editor" plugins for instance [bug 323259]
  • Why am I thrown out of context (away from the wizard and into a separate web browser) when I want to "learn more" about an offering ? - The fact that I can click the "install" link in the web browser is very unintuitive.
  • Installing multiple items in a row is non-obvious [bug 337774]

>>> All legit features/bug requests that would be nice to implement.

I was also wondering whether there are any statistics how many downloads are initiated from MPC versus other methods ... and how the "download numbers" on Eclipse Marketplace are actually counted ?


>> The download stats are recorded each time a plugin is successful installed. We also count unsuccessful installs for each plugin.  FWIW, we actually had a bug in our stats for the last year so we were under counting. A number of the top plugins have seen a considerable (3x-4x) spike in their install numbers due to our finding this problem. I do plan in writing up a more detailed description of the problem. Hopefully this week.

Finally, if I enter defects for any small issues or UI bloopers that I find, would that be appreciated by the team or is it a waste of time ?


>> Yes please open the bugs. We do have someone reviewing bugs and fixing anything critical. If we don find some volunteer committers they may be able to take them on.


Many thanks in advance !


>> Thank you!


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