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Re: [mpc-dev] MPC plans for 2012 / 2013 ?

I would love to see MPC continue/improve. There are some glitches with it, but it's definitely the easiest way to get up and running on Android.

We talked about making the category auto-select based on EPP packages back in the Juno time, but it doesn't seem to work. 

Also, scrolling through the list of hits is non-standard when you click in the "page down" region of a scroll bar.


On Mon, Oct 8, 2012 at 4:58 PM, Oberhuber, Martin <Martin.Oberhuber@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

I've been looking at the Marketplace Client in Juno SR1 today, and it looks like great, promising technology ... but also a bit incomplete compared to what I see in modern smartphone's app app stores and thus come to appreciate. For instance,
  • Why don't I have access to "star ratings", download statistics or comments inside MPC ? This gives me a really hard time choosing between 3 different "hex editor" plugins for instance [bug 323259]
  • Why am I thrown out of context (away from the wizard and into a separate web browser) when I want to "learn more" about an offering ? - The fact that I can click the "install" link in the web browser is very unintuitive.
  • Installing multiple items in a row is non-obvious [bug 337774]
Some of these items might be really easy to fix, giving a big "bang for the buck", but first I was wondering what the current committers thought ... am I just nitpicking and is MPC "done" from your point of view, satisfying your needs ? Or are there any plans for improvement this year ? Is there a Tasktop commercial offering based on the MPC ?

I was also wondering whether there are any statistics how many downloads are initiated from MPC versus other methods ... and how the "download numbers" on Eclipse Marketplace are actually counted ?

Finally, if I enter defects for any small issues or UI bloopers that I find, would that be appreciated by the team or is it a waste of time ?

Many thanks in advance !


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