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Re: [mpc-dev] Building MPC against 4.2

We have a number of Hudson jobs that test against the different supported Eclipse streams including e4. If you look at the console output you should see the Maven command that gets executed:

It looks like tests are still running against 4.1 though which needs to be updated for Juno. It would also make sense to combine these three jobs into one matrix job. And the build is using Tycho 0.10.0 which is outdated and no longer supported.

Snapshot and release builds are triggered through the release job and automatically picked up by the Juno aggregation build:


On Fri, Mar 23, 2012 at 6:28 PM, Tom Seidel <tom.seidel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

In the last weeks I tried to get an overview about the project and have still a few questions regarding the build.

I'd like to build the current MPC projects against a 4.2 target and was wondering what's the current status including MPC into the Juno release.

So my questions:
1. I can install MPC through the Juno update site into the last milestone, so I guess this is already working. Are there any workitems that needs to be adressed? - I couldn't find anything relevant neither in Bugzilla nor on this newsgroup.

2. I checked out the sources and was able to compile it against my local target in PDE. Now I saw that you're using Maven to build the bundles. Unfortunately I was not able to build an update site, the help on seems to be outdated (I couldn't find a bundle called "org.eclipse.epp.mpc.releng"). I still haven't used Tycho yet, so probably you could give me a bit assistence to build MPC on my local machine with Tycho.

Thanks in advance,


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