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[mpc-dev] Building MPC against 4.2


In the last weeks I tried to get an overview about the project and have still a few questions regarding the build.

I'd like to build the current MPC projects against a 4.2 target and was wondering what's the current status including MPC into the Juno release.

So my questions:
1. I can install MPC through the Juno update site into the last milestone, so I guess this is already working. Are there any workitems that needs to be adressed? - I couldn't find anything relevant neither in Bugzilla nor on this newsgroup.

2. I checked out the sources and was able to compile it against my local target in PDE. Now I saw that you're using Maven to build the bundles. Unfortunately I was not able to build an update site, the help on seems to be outdated (I couldn't find a bundle called "org.eclipse.epp.mpc.releng"). I still haven't used Tycho yet, so probably you could give me a bit assistence to build MPC on my local machine with Tycho.

Thanks in advance,


Tom Seidel, Dipl.-Ing.
Independent Eclipse-Developer

mail    tom.seidel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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