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[mpc-dev] Some feedback

I am out of the office tomorrow but I had a chance to play with the new version of MPC and wanted to provide some quick feedback.

- Nice to see the embedded browser.  It is looking nice.
- I am concerned that a lot of the solutions I try to install, can't seem to be installed successfully.  I think we need to understand why, is it bad data from the provider, a bug in MPC or Ian user error.   For instance I can't install EMF Triple, GlassFish plugin, Wireframe or SAP Adapter.  
- I am still not sure of the modal dialog.  It just isn't feeling natural.  I also find when I install something from the embedded browser that to be sent back into MPC is wierd.  I would expect to just start the p2 screens from the browser.   Not sure if the queuing makes sense from the embedded browser.

I will play with it some more early next week.


Ian Skerrett
Director of Marketing
Eclipse Foundation
Tel: 613-224-9461 ext 227
Twitter: IanSkerrett

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