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Re: [mosquitto-dev] Implementing health check for containerized MQTT server application?

setup a listener bound to with protocol set to websockets and set the http_dir option to point to a directory with a file in it.

http_dir directory

    When a listener is using the websockets protocol, it is possible to serve http data as well. Set http_dir to a directory which contains the files you wish to serve. If this option is not specified, then no normal http connections will be possible.

On 23/07/2022 20:41, Steve Prior wrote:
I've written a number of server applications that perform work based on MQTT subscriptions and deployed those applications in Docker containers.  What I haven't done yet is set up container health checking for those applications.  I was wondering what patterns for health checking people have found effective? These applications don't have any interface besides the MQTT subscriptions and published response - no REST API.


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