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[mosquitto-dev] Not receiving any data from $SYS/broker/...

Good Day,
I have ecmipse-mosquitto:2.0.14 running in a Docker Swarm. For the most part it has been flawless, however, for some reason all my subscriptions for: 
*	$SYS/broker/bytes/sent
*	$SYS/broker/bytes/received 
*	$SYS/broker/messages/sent
*	$SYS/broker/messages/received 
*	$SYS/broker/clients/connected
*	$SYS/broker/clients/disconnected
*	$SYS/broker/uptime

and number of other values. Have stopped working.  The only change that has been done recently was the stopping of writing detailed logs.

The odd error is that all other traffic seems to be fine.  I have been getting more disconnects than I have seen in the past.

I have seen other odd issues with 2.0, so I back tracked to 1.6, but then all my clients would not even connect.

Has anyone seen this before?

I am using the following to create the service:
version: "3.8"
        # container_name:
        image: eclipse-mosquitto:2.0.14
        restart: always
            - /mnt/home/mosquitto/:/mosquitto/config
            - /mnt/home/mosquitto/data:/mosquitto/data
            - /mnt/home/mosquitto/logs:/mosquitto/log
            - /mnt/home/mosquitto/certs:/etc/mosquitto/certs
            - /mnt/home/nginx/certbot/www:/var/www/certbot
            - /mnt/home/mosquitto/logrotate.d/mosquittolog:/etc/logrotate.d/mosquittolog 
            replicas: 1
                condition: on-failure
                delay: 5s
                max_attempts: 2
                window: 120s
            - 1883:1883
            - 8883:8883

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