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Re: [mosquitto-dev] persistent connection failure when v6 is not working

Also about bridges, which I came to understand after posting:

  The docs talk about addresses and round robin or not.  I get the
  round_robin rule and that's fine.

  But, "address" in bridge config seems to be "string in the file" which
  is one of
    - hostname
    - IPv4 literal
    - IPv6 literal (with no brackets)

  and so we need a secondary iteration over the IPv4/6 addrs form
  hostname, within the primary iteration over configured "addresses"

It might be good to unify this to a set of actual addresses, with a name
defined to stick all addresses in the list, and think about how often
DNS is redoen vs not.  Most daemons only do this on
SIGHUP/config-reread, not every connection attempt, and I'm not sure
what mosquitto does yet but will after more code reading.


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