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[mosquitto-dev] persistent connection failure when v6 is not working

I'm running 2.0.14 on NetBSD 9.  Things have been 99.9% working.

I have two brokers, A and B, and A is configured to bridge to B.   A and
B have both v4 and v6 addresses and normally both work fine.

I just restarted A and for reasons unknown but not really relevant the
v6 config on B (there is a private tunnel) was messed up, and A could
not connect to B over v6.   This could have happened anyway.

Apparently mosquitto did not try the v4 address.   I had not noticed it
was dicsonnected, but when I fixed the v6 config, I got restore
notifications (of the bridge, and some data posted to A that is supposed
to show up on B).

(I have a dim memory of posting about this before, but I don't find my
message in my local saved messages.)

Is anyone else seeing this?  Is anyone seeing mosquitto try the full set
of addresses round robin until one works, as it should?


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