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Re: [mosquitto-dev] Reg Mosquitto MQTT broker for ARM Linux

Murali Krishna via mosquitto-dev <mosquitto-dev@xxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

> I am new to Mosquitto MQTT application.
> I tried downloading the Mosquitto 2.0.12 sources from github and
> compiling the broker for ARM Target from Ubuntu host VM. But I was not
> successful getting compilation erros.
> Please let us know the link to download  release version of Mosquitto MQTT broker application for ARM ( arch: armv7l ).
> I want to cross compile the Moqquitto broker application from Ubuntu host machine.

There is simply a source archive.

I have built 2.0.12 for NetBSD 9, cpu type "earmv7hf", which is probably
the same as your CPU type.  My hardware is a RPI3 and mosquitto works

My advice is:

  First validate your crossbuild environment/setup.  If you can build 10
  other random programs and mosquitto fails, that's interesting.  If
  other things fail, the problem seems likely not in mosquitto.

  Posting that it didn't work is not useful.  I'm feeling charitable
  this minute so I replied instead of hitting delete.   Post details of
  your setup, and your build commands.  Post the error messages.

  Actually read the error messages and the source code and figure out
  what's going on.  If you aren't willing to dig in a little, you
  probably need a consultant instead of free help from the list.

  When replying to this message, remember to include the list.  I don't
  help people in private mail, because that won't help the others and
  the next person.  Most other people are like that, absent consulting

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