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[mosquitto-dev] Improve bridge

Hello everyone,

I've been a Mosquitto user for a couple of years now, but only recently I became interested in bridged connections. I identified a few things I can collaborate with:
1. Reload of the configuration on a signal (is in the todo list).
2. Extend the API for authentication so it allows to load bridge username and passwords from the outside world. Maybe also load the bridged topics from here as a bonus?
3. Add last will mechanism to the bridged connections.
4. Backoff mechanism in case of failure (see my previous post on the mail list for details).

I would like to hear your opinion on these topics. I know they don't sound as important as MQTT 5 ;) (waiting for it with my fingers crossed), but they might be helpful for some other people.

Would you have any priority preference for these features? Would you suggest anything for any particular point? Any other comments?


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