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[mosquitto-dev] Mosquito broker Architecture

Hi Team,

I am using Mosquito broker in our IoT ecosystem, where Kepware is the subscriber to the broker. Below are the details,


IoT devices = Publisher

Kepware = Subscriber


There are 100 of machines are publishing mqtt message to a single queue  . On the other end kepware subscribes to this topic and Kepware uses it’s own scan rate (i.e. 10 milisec) to poll mosquito broker topic.

Since there are many IoT edge devices are publishing messages to the same topic, we need to ensure , if mosquito broker Queue is really holding all those values and sending the same to Kepware .


Q1. Is there any default queue memory size Mosquito broker configure itself during start up ?


Q2. If there are many clients publishes to a single topic, do I need to configure the Queue memory size to accommodate lots of messages from client?


Q3. Please share me the Mosquito broker guidelines for Scale-up requirement. For instance, How much traffic a single instance of broker cam handle etc...?


Also request you to provide me the Mosquito broker internal architecture block diagram with pub-sub flow. Especially how mosquito broker stores the data on Queue and how long it persists and how it routes the packet to the subscriber.







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