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Re: [mosquitto-dev] performance test tools

Hi there,

I have enhanced the Tsung MQTT with broker forwarding latency statistic, and would like to share with you😉


<request subst="true">
                                <mqtt type="publish" topic="%%_pubtopic%%" qos="1" retained="false" stamped="true">


Report Result:

Transactions Statistics
Name highest 10sec mean lowest 10sec mean Highest Rate Mean Rate Mean Count
mqtt_forward_latency 12.73 msec 6.79 msec 303.5 / sec 181.98 / sec 8.21 msec 89171
Git Repo:

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Hi Tsung

Agree with jianhui - in the end, best to write your own testing app to really qualify your setup. I've done that in the past for my application to find the breaking points looking at diff brokers, ranging from RabbitMQ, ActiveMQ, various Erlang brokers to mosquitto and more - using AWS auto-scaling with some clever code you can quickly add more load or reduce the load - or use couple of PC's around the office like i've done in the past with dedicated network + servers to load test

The amount of power/results load testing provide any company is golden and provides a road map for things to come - allows anybody to know when things will break, what to expect - and even work out upgrade plans.... so well worth writing a testing app from scratch and thing in the lines of using more machine to do the load/add the load...docker also an option to spawn more load ;)

my 2 sents worth input ...but adding MAJOR will cost $$$$ ...just keep those factors in mind :)...

On Mon, Jan 15, 2018 at 3:01 PM, jianhui zhan <hui6075@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:


I use Tsung, there's a match label in tsung configuration, but seems it doesn't support MQTT testing. And as far as I know, timestamp in publish payload has been supported by Xmeter, with a seconds level. To be more accuracy, I think you need write the client yourself😉



From: <> on behalf of Michael CHEN <>
Sent: Monday, January 15, 2018 10:30:43 AM
To: General development discussions for the mosquitto project
Subject: [mosquitto-dev] performance test tools


            We are running the mosquitto in an embedded system with several client (no more than 6) connected.

            One of our concern is the throughput of mosquitto and round trip time of a message (send a message and receive it on another client). Our expectation is transferring 5000-10000 message/second (payload size is quite small, around 20-100 bytes each) with average round trip time within several milliseconds.

            We try to use JMeter with a mosquitto plug-in, it is doing well on generating expected traffic, but it cannot measure the round trip time for us.

            So please, can you suggest some tool that we can use to do the performance test in my scenario? Or maybe I did not using the JMeter correctly?


Thanks Very Much

Michael Chen


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