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[mosquitto-dev] Problems using Mosquitto Broker

Good morning,
I'm developing a thesis project regarding machine to machine communication through MQTT protocol, and I'm using mosquitto as broker along with 2 beckhoff PLCs.

When dealing with encrypted communication (I'm using TLS pre shared key to exploit security), I have to properly configure the broker to let the 2 PLC exchange data. And this is fine for me: I'm able to send and receive information using the MQTT libraries available from TWINCAT (Beckhoff software tool).

I'd like also to get the packet loss depending on the speed of the Publisher and Subscriber and on the payload I'm sending. 

Doing some tests, I've notice that I've no packet loss in my communication, however if I enlarge the command window while the 2 plc are exchanging data (I can see that the 2 plc are communicating thanks to the messages in the window, as show in figure attached), I start losing packets.
My question is: 
Is that normal? Is this a problem of the broker o may be the plc is not so powerful and it struggles to show also those messages? Beacuse I've noticed a spike of CPU usage, when enlarging the command window, which goes immediatly to 70/75%.

I look forward to hear from you soon.

Best regards,

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