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Re: [mosquitto-dev] Using and modifying mosquitto

>    Dear all,
>          I am new to MQTT and mosquitto broker. I am going to use
>    mosquitto broker with eclipse paho c client, and intend to build them
>    from source, so as i can modify anything then rebuild to test the
>    modification.
>    For mosquitto, on windows 7, i downloaded the archive "
>" from   " [1]Git source code repository
>    ( ", unzipped it, and I was eager to make the dependencies
>    satisfied. Then, in the cmd i changed the directory to the one which
>    will be used for saving build files, and used cmake with the unzipped
>    file as the source directory to build mosquitto. The output of the
>    cmake command was:
>    C:\mosquitto->cmake c:\mosquitto-master
>    -- Configuring done
>    -- Generating done
>    -- Build files have been written to: C:/mosquitto-
>    C:\mosquitto->

I think you're now ready to do 'make', so to use the build files to ...
build mosquitto.

As a side note, I left windows long time, I have no experience anymore
with building on windows, so I can't provide detailed instructions.

>     But still "'mosquitto' is not recognized as an internal or external
>    command,   ....." exists, with netstat -an, the port 1883 has no
>    listener.

>    Please, advice me what i should do else, how can i start the broker and
>    in what form will be its start and usage with the c client, what steps
>    should be done after modifying the source code to make the
>    modifications effective.
>    Detailed explanation is appreciated,

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