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[mosquitto-dev] Updated certificate for MQTT sandbox, and secured websockets now enabled

The Mosquitto sandbox is now using a Let’s Encrypt self-signed certificate as opposed to the self-signed certificate it used to. It means that you don’t need to download the server’s public key anymore.
What’s more, secured WebSockets have been enabled as well, so you can use wss:// in your web applications (and you won’t be basically stuck anymore when trying to do MQTT over WebSockets "unsecured" from an https-served webpage).

Thanks a lot to Sandro Kock for the help in setting this up today, live from the Eclipse Foundation booth at CeBIT ;-)

Please refer to for instructions regarding the various ways to access the sandbox.

Benjamin –

Benjamin Cabé – IoT Evangelist

Eclipse Foundation
+33 (0) 619196101

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