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Re: [mosquitto-dev] Design brief for a new Mosquitto logo

Hi Benjamin,

That's great, I think you've covered most of the bases there. So, community, do you have any input?

On the colour front, I'm inclined to let the designers experiment or to suggest neutrals.

I've already been through the logo designs on the 99designs site and have picked out the ones I think are most appropriate.



On Mon, Feb 15, 2016 at 5:40 PM, Benjamin Cabé <benjamin@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Hi Roger, all,

Here's a draft for creating a crowdsourcing campaign to get a new logo for Mosquitto.  Let me know your feedback. Also feel free to suggest a few colors you would like to be used for the logo.

Name to incorporate in the logo: 

Description of the organization and its target audience:
We need a new logo for our open source software project Mosquitto – 
The current logo is attached to the brief. There is an obvious pun on Mosquito/Mosquitto, that you may want to keep in mind for your designs.

Mosquitto is a software component that can be installed on a server to allow devices (the "things" of the "Internet of Things" to communicate with each other) to communicate with each other. 
Mosquitto implements a very popular communication standard called MQTT (which is also why "Mosquitto" is spelt with a double t, as it contains the letters M-Q-T-T). MQTT allows the devices to send and receive data by "talking" to a Mosquitto server. MQTT is a very lightweight communication protocol which means that it can be used even for very small devices. The logo of the MQTT protocol is attached to this brief.

The Mosquitto project is part of a larger ecosystem of open-source projects called “Eclipse IoT”. The Eclipse IoT website is available at and the logo of Eclipse IoT is attached to the brief – while not mandatory, we encourage designers to provide logos that convey the idea of Mosquitto belonging to the Eclipse IoT brand.


Some important keywords relevant to Mosquitto that we would like somehow to be represented in our logo:
* Internet of Things
* Communication
* Connecting / talking

The logo will be used for website (including favicon), stickers, online presentations, etc.


Benjamin Cabé – IoT Evangelist

Eclipse Foundation
+33 (0) 619196101

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