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[mosquitto-dev] library clientid not random enough


I found some log messages at the mosquitto broker regarding dis-/reconnects that were caused by clients using the same clientid. I'm using the automatic generation of clientids in the call mosquitto_new().

So what exactly happens is the following: two clients starting *simultaneously* on different computers. Sometimes they get the same clientid.

Digging into the library code I was searching for the seeding of PRNG and found it in mosquitto_lib_init(). The PRNG is only seeded with the current time, which can be equal on different computers. In my opinion it should be seeded not only with time, but with some better randomness, so that collisions between different clients are reduced. Is using time and getpid() a better candidate? Using /dev/random seems like breaking a fly on the wheel.

tty, Stefan.
Stefan May
Department MPS

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