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Re: [mosquitto-dev] A mosquitto's design suboptimization case in our use


> I thought about communicating with asynchronous processes like DNS
> lookups over MQTT.

As in "let's do RPC over MQTT to obtain a response to a DNS query"? Or
have I misunderstood?

While I love doing convoluted things, isn't that going to be dreadfully
slow and potentially unreliable (think co-process no available) for such
a core bit of the broker?

I understand Roger wanting to drop c-ares if it's no longer maintained,
but I would recommend trying to implement this efficiently and
reliably, for example by linking in libUnbound [] which is a
very reliable and efficient DNS resolver (currently in Fedora and
openBSD iirc; others surely to follow) or just using LDNS as an "ersatz"
for c-ares.

> I'm sure we could knock up a Python DNS lookup process very quickly,
> for example.

That's the easy part. :-)


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