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[mosquitto-dev] question for mosquitto_connect_async

"mosquitto_connect_async"   used  "_mosquitto_packet_queue"  function  inside ,
i find this note 
" /* Write a single byte to sockpairW (connected to sockpairR) to break out
* of select() if in threaded mode. */".   what does it mean??

then i call mosquitto_loop_forver . i find it don`t work successfully.

In this function  i find this note 
"/* sockpairR is used to break out of select() before the timeout, on a
* call to publish() etc. */".  

"pselect" returned Immediately, because of  sockPair  value  changed.
so i don`t know "connect" function Whether completed or not.

can you tell me how to use "mosquitto_connect_async"?

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